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"After a 3-year job search, within three months of working with John Hadley, I have an exciting new job. John helped me not only with the mechanics of my job search, but also to overcome the loss of confidence, which was sabotaging my search. And the simple technique he taught me to use in negotiating the final offer earned me an additional $10,000 in base salary!"

"I appreciate your honesty, integrity and expertise."

"I am still so very happy with my job. I think the company's great, my boss is super, my colleagues are bright and energetic, and my projects and responsibilities are fun and challenging. I'm so glad that I held out for the right job and that you helped me get what I was really looking for."


"Winning Interview Techniques!"
A Mini Coaching Program By Phone

Are you tired of inteviews that don't lead to offers?

I've observed that many candidates are so focused on "the best" answers to interview questions, they neglect to do the one thing that is most important in an interview - build rapport! I don't want to hire you because you are best at answering my questions, or because you satisfy the checklist of experience qualifications for the job, I want to hire you because I've decided I'd love to have you on my team, working with me day by day to help me achieve my goals! Achieving this is critical to a successful interview, and this often trips up otherwise well-qualified candidates.

Job candidates often ask:
  • "What's the best way to answer question X?"
  • "What do I do if they ask about my experience in Y?"
  • "When should I bring up salary?"
  • "How do I get around problem Z in my background?"

    These aren't bad questions, but the absolutely most important question is rarely asked: "How do I build the rapport and excitement that makes sure the hiring manager wants me on his or her team?"

    Sales are based on emotion, and justified by logic!

    This a fundamental rule of marketing. Most of the questions above deal with the logic side of the equation, the specific set of skills, qualities and experience you bring to the table. But unless you put at least as much attention on the emotion side of the equation, you won't make the "sale"!

    I'd like to share with you the exact same strategies that my clients have used to navigate the interview minefield! Techniques that have secured them job offers they were thrilled with.

    "While working with John, I received five competitive job offers in a two week period (after only six interviews)."

    "I had a job with my 1st choice of companies, doing exactly what I wanted to do, with an offer at the very top of their salary range - my starting income is at least 10% more than I expected!”

    "Winning Interview Techniques!"

    This is a 2 session group coaching program. Most group coaching programs cost $100 or more per session, but I'm offering this 2 session program for only $50!, and with 3 valuable bonuses described below. I defy you to find a better value! In fact, this is such a great deal that I am only guaranteeing it to the first 10 registrants!

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    Thursday, July 27 & Monday, July 31
    Noon - 1PM Eastern / 9 - 10AM Pacific

    And get these valuable bonuses:

    Bonus #1
    My report: "7 Steps to Effective Career Search Networking"

    Bonus #2
    Personalized 30-minute One-on-One
    “Keep The Momentum Going” Coaching Session
    (A $100 Value!)

    This one-on-one attention is a proven way to help you
    take what you've learned to the next level!

    Bonus #3
    $20 Discount On My Home Study Course
    The Keys To Selling Your Achievements
    Don't miss out on this chance to sharpen your interview skills in the areas that really matter for getting the offer you want!

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