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Dear Career Tips: (Image IS Important!)

From Career Tips, 2005 Volume 6, June 2005

Dear John:
I would never work for someone who feels they need to seek professional help with their personal image. Everyone knows how to dress well enough, and if they are that clueless, then they don't deserve to be in a management role!
No Consultants For Me!

Dear No Consultants For Me:
Wow, where do I start?

No one is an expert at everything. One of the best, most motivating boss's I ever had liked to change into a "Mr. Rogers" type sweater and bedroom slippers to walk around the office. I'll never forget sitting in a co- workers office, and Jack came in, stuck his feet up on the corner of her desk, and he had holes in his socks!

Even though he had his quirks, it never would have occurred to me to give those any importance, because I loved working for him and believed in what he was trying to do!

On the other hand, I think back to a recent episode of "What Not To Wear" about a woman in a small PR firm who considered her style "eclectic." You might think that would fit the desired profile. However, they interviewed her boss saying that she wanted to take this woman to client meetings, but couldn't because she couldn't count on her to ever look professional!

We can all benefit from an outside perspective on issues where we may not be quite as expert as we think. And with personal image, just think about this: you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

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