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“John showed me how to transform my resume so that it got noticed. He coached me on how to look at it through prospective employers’ eyes, and I found I was not only prepared for this search, but had gained a new life skill!

John then worked with me on how to make the most of networking opportunities, and taught me a valuable technique to frame my experience into concise accomplishment stories that really demonstrate the skills I offer an employer.

I was thrilled with how quickly my career search went. After only 7 sessions with John, I had a job with my 1st choice of companies, doing exactly what I wanted to do, with an offer at the very top of their salary range - my starting income is at least 10% more than I expected!”

Patrick, Systems Consultant

"I think your focus and strategy is amazing. It really sets you apart from your peers."

Allison, HR Director

"5 Secrets To Getting A Job You'll Love!"

1 Hour Audio CD

Are You In A Job That You Love
And That Pays What You Know You’re Worth?


  • Have you already settled for a job that doesn’t fulfill the inner you?
  • Does the very idea of searching for a GREAT job seem futile?
  • Do you feel like the odds are stacked against you in finding an opportunity you will truly love?
  • Is the stress of being unemployed, underpaid or under-appreciated affecting the way you feel about life?

    It doesn’t have to! What would it be like to wake up early each morning totally excited to go to your dream job? Wouldn’t you like to be building your future each and every day? You might believe that this isn't possible. Well, it is If You Know What To Do To Make It Happen!

    In the past year, hundreds have attended my tele-class
    "5 Secrets To Getting A Job You'll Love!"

    Now you can listen to the class that inspired them, over and over again, at your leisure - while you're driving, exercising, or in the comfort of your home or office. Just ask Tony what he thought:

    "This class was unique because it gave me the perspective of the hiring manager as opposed to being focused on me the job seeker. This will change how I approach my career search by allowing me to put myself in the shoes of the hiring manager when I look at my resume."

    Listen to this audio CD to discover:
  • How to set a clear, focused target, so you avoid wasting time ineffectively chasing opportunities that will take your search off track
  • Ways to uncover the unique value you bring to the table
  • Common presentation errors that undermine your search
  • How to create an exceptional marketing message that will set you apart from others
  • Why so many interviewers fail to impress the hiring manager, and what you can do to avoid those mistakes

    Is the class on target? Just ask Lois:

    "The 5 Tips were right on the mark, and the class helped me to refocus my search efforts."

    or Mike:

    "As one who is just starting a job search, this will give me good traction. What gave me the most value was the "big picture" view. I saw the issue as one of preparing a resume, then broadcasting it. I see there is a lot more involved. This will give me a methodology; a recipe if you will. Just getting the ball rolling gives me the energy to get it done and the confidence that I will get a really good job. You might guess that job hunting has never been a favorite of mine."

    This 1 hour audio CD includes the entire tele-class, plus an extended Q&A session with the participants.

    Act now and get these added bonuses:

    Bonus #1

    Free Report:
    "7 Steps to Effective Career Search Networking"

    Bonus #2

    $50 Credit Towards Any John Hadley Associates Coaching Program

    Plus, I'll even give you a Money Back Guarantee! Listen to the CD, and if you aren't satisfied for any reason, just tell me why, return it to me within 30 days of receipt, and I'll refund your money.

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