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"John, just wanted to let you know that I accepted a verbal offer from IBM. The detail that clinched the deal was a follow-up email that I sent last week, and that I wrote using the information in your workbook. Specifically, I was inspired by the "why not just hire me?" letter example. The hiring manager even commented that my email had just the right attitude and that it motivated him to start the hiring process.

Chalk another one up to your knowledge and methods and be assured that I will be contacting you in the near future for more work."


“John showed me how to transform my resume so that it got noticed. He coached me on how to look at it through prospective employers’ eyes, and I found I was not only prepared for this search, but had gained a new life skill!

John then worked with me on how to make the most of networking opportunities, and taught me a valuable technique to frame my experience into concise accomplishment stories that really demonstrate the skills I offer an employer.

I was thrilled with how quickly my career search went. After only 7 sessions with John, I had a job with my 1st choice of companies, doing exactly what I wanted to do, with an offer at the very top of their salary range - my starting income is at least 10% more than I expected!”

Patrick, Systems Consultant

"John helped me develop a strong resume, taught me networking strategies and helped me devise an effective pitch with which to market myself. He boosted my confidence by focusing me on my career accomplishments. I found my current job as a result of networking, directly applying the methods that John had shown me. I would recommend John highly to anyone in need of help in looking for a job."

Len, Actuary

"I think your focus and strategy is amazing. It really sets you apart from your peers."

Allison, HR Director

"John helped me see how best to sell my accomplishments to a prospective employer. His input helped me create a Winning Resume, and his ongoing support of my job search got me the position I have today."

Gary, Director of Product Review & Filing

"John provided specific advice on how to improve my resume and make it stronger. I have worked with other career services. The advice John gave went far beyond the basic stuff they always tell you."

Lynn, Director of Marketing

"The Keys to Selling Your Achievements"

Do You Get All The Credit You Deserve For Your Accomplishments?

Create True Visibility In Your Career By Learning The Keys To Selling Your Achievements!
“I don’t like to boast!”
“Why can’t everyone just recognize the incredible value I add?”

I hear this all the time. The sad truth is that other people don’t want to work to understand the value you bring to the table, and most of us aren’t very good at expressing that value in a compelling way. Perhaps the most important career move you can make is to learn how to Sell Your Achievements and create visibility for yourself. This ensures that as opportunities arise, your name is at the top of the list. And if you are already in a job search, being able to Sell Your Achievements with concise, compelling, results-oriented stories is absolutely critical to demonstrating that you will deliver, that you are the critical addition a hiring manager desperately needs!

Wouldn’t you like to feel totally confident in your ability to present your accomplishments in a way that grabs other people’s attention? To express that value both orally and in writing? To demonstrate to others exactly what you are capable of bringing to the table?
In just the past 3 years, I’ve helped over 100 people learn how to unlock the value they were struggling to express. Just ask Teri:

"I spent thousands of dollars on professional services to help me with my job search. In just one session, John Hadley dramatically improved the resume they took weeks to prepare. His insights into how best to present my accomplishments were invaluable."

Many people feel overwhelmed by the thought of trying to document all of the things they have accomplished during their careers, much less in their most recent job. When asked to describe something they did, they tend to talk too long, losing the essence of the story. Or they neglect to relate their story to exactly what their accomplishment meant to the company. The secret is to communicate clearly the importance of the project, what you actually did, and then translate that into meaningful results, while keeping your story short enough to be compelling. What if you could learn exactly how to do that?

You Can, With My Home Study Course:

“The Keys to Selling Your Achievements!”

One of the most important benefits of learning to Sell Your Achievements is the self-confidence that comes with not just believing you bring dramatic value to the table, but in being able to express it. This home study course will teach YOU the secrets I share with my clients every day! Just ask Kevin what this meant to his career search:

"After a 3-year job search, within three months of working with John Hadley, I have an exciting new job. John helped me not only with the mechanics of my job search, but also to overcome the loss of confidence, which was sabotaging my search. And the simple technique he taught me to use in negotiating the final offer earned me an additional $10,000 in base salary!"

This home study course consists of 3 forty-five minute audio CD’s and an 80+ page digital workbook that will teach you:
  • How to Express an Accomplishment in a Clear, Concise, Compelling Story
  • Ways to Convert Your Stories into the Short Bullet Points Critical to Demonstrating Your Results in a Resume or Consulting Engagement Bio
  • The Secrets of Creating a Killer Resume
  • Techniques for Crafting a Cover Letter that Hiring Mangers WANT to Read

    How can this help you? Just ask Alice:

    “The cover letter and resume you helped me craft really did the trick! I sent them out to 9 hiring managers I hadn't met, and within 2 weeks had 3 formal interviews and 2 informational interviews --- and the job offer I wanted!"

    At the end of this program, you will:
  • have everything you need to write a series of accomplishment stories guaranteed to get you the visibility you deserve,
  • know how to organize your stories and background into a resume that cries out to be noticed,
  • be able to put together a cover letter that grabs attention, and
  • have the self-confidence that comes from knowing you can clearly express your value in any forum!

    What is this program worth? People pay me hundreds of dollars to teach them these techniques. I am willing to teach YOU these same principles for only $97*! And if you act now, I will throw in these 3 bonuses:

    Bonus #1

    “5 Secrets to Getting a Job You’ll Love” Audio CD
    (Valued @ $15)

    Bonus #2

    “Winning Resume Assessment”
    (Valued @ $50)

    I will score your resume on my proprietary resume assessment model and provide you an individual report on the results.

    Bonus #3

    Personalized 30-minute One-on-One “Keep The Momentum Going” Coaching Session
    (Valued @ $100)

    I would like to give you the one-on-one attention I give my individual clients. Therefore, I am going to include a free 30-minute coaching session to help you take any of the materials to the next level. This extra individual attention is a proven method to really get the power out of the program!

    Plus, I will give you a 90 day money back guarantee. Try out the program, and if you aren’t convinced of the incredible value you have gotten from it, just return the materials within 90 days of receipt for a full refund!

    So here’s the deal…

    If you act now, your investment for this incredible program is only $97*!!

    Think about this: If you are already in a career search, and your goal is just a $52,000 salary, shaving just one week off your job search is worth $1,000. Cutting off a month at a $104,000 salary is worth over $8,000. Learning to Sell Your Achievements effectively is the key, and here it will only cost you $97*! Can you afford to pass up an investment with that potential return?

    So don’t put off learning how to create a dramatic difference in your visibility on the job, in a career search, in your networking activities, or anywhere you need to Sell Your Achievements!

    Buy "The Keys To Selling Your Achievements!"

    PS: Remember, you are receiving the powerful tools and strategies to increase your visibility for the small investment of only $97*.

    PS: Purchase "The Keys to Selling Your Achievements!" now to receive the “5 Secrets to Getting a Job You’ll Love!” audio CD, the Winning Resume Assessment and the 30-minute “Keep Your Momentum Going” personalized coaching session (combined bonus value of $165) for free!

    * Plus Shipping & Handling
    (C) 2010 John West Hadley, All Rights Reserved