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"Thanks for the link and your guest Alan. I recognize that Alan is very smart and multi-talented, but at heart an introvert. His willingness to make daring decisions with his career and life was very impressive. It just shows you don't have to be chatty fellow to open doors for yourself. The tailored process you with your clients and old dogs like me, continues to impress."

"The Path to Career Reinvention"
A Free Webinar

Are you in an industry or job impacted by COVID, and worry that you may need to reinvent your career to continue bringing in the income you need?

Or are you just tired of where your job is heading, and want to move in a new direction?

Join me Friday, January 22 at Noon Eastern for the fifth installment of my free Reinvent Your Career webinar series.

Covid-19 has led many companies to reduce operations and staff.

  • A recent survey indicated that 1 in 10 US businesses planned layoffs in the 4th quarter.
  • WarnerMedia told the Wall Street Journal on October 8 that it plans to cut thousands of jobs in order to reduce costs by 20%.
  • Cineworld, which owns Picturehouse and Regal, closed all their theaters worldwide on October 5, impacting 40,000 jobs in the US.
  • Shell announced they are cutting up to 9,000 jobs, or roughly 10% of their workforce.
  • On October 1, United Airlines furloughed 13,000 people.
  • Disney first announced that it was cutting 28,000 jobs from its theme parks division, then raised that number by 4,000 at the end of November.

    At the same time, there are businesses and industries that are thriving. Many will need to change jobs, industries, or may even need a complete career makeover to survive. How do you successfully cross over?

    I've worked with numerous clients who reinvented themselves. Sometimes this involved a minor shift, others a radical change. I've also made two successful career transitions myself, and want to share what I've learned. And I want to bring into the mix what has worked for others. Thus, I've embarked on a series of webinars to explore the clues that helped create successful transitions, to help you uncover the recipe for reinvention.

    The recipe can vary a bit depending on your specific situation, such as:
  • Being forced to make a change, vs. deciding to pursue something new yourself;
  • How big a shift you seek to make;
  • Whether you are a sole breadwinner, or have another income to help support your change;
  • If you are moving from a corporate tole to your own independent practice.

    So I'm interviewing people from different walks of life, helping you see how to pick and choose those elements that will apply best to your own situation.

    In the first 3 webinars, I interviewed people who had made successful career transitions, probing into what sparked the change, and unearthing some of the keys to their success. For this next one, I'm going to interview my good friend Donna Gerhauser, who started her coaching practice helping mid-life professionals through job and career changes. In 2014 she shifted her focus to coaching middle schoolers through young adults uncover and pursue career options. And she has also been through her own career shifts prior to coaching, so that she brings a wealth of knowledge to the topic!

    We're going to talk about what she sees as the secrets to a successful transition, both based on her work with her clients and her own career evolution. You will hear case studies of how others have figured out new directions and effectively pursued them. This will be an interactive webinar, where Donna will also respond to your specific questions.

    Join us as we embark on this 1 hour journey Friday, January 22 at Noon Eastern / 11AM Central / 10AM Mountain / 9AM Pacific.
    (If you can't make it live, I will make a recording available to registrants for a limited time afterwards.)

    Speaker Bios

    John Hadley (www.JHACareers.com) is a recognized expert in career search
    , who has specialized for over 15 years in helping job seekers who are frustrated with their search. A popular and sought-after speaker and author on every aspect of the job hunt, he has coached 100's to land the job and pay they deserve, and helped thousands through his seminars, tele-classes, webinars, videos and insightful Career Tips newsletter.

    Donna Gerhauser started her career in radio news as a reporter and news director, followed by over a decade in corporate communications, prior to beginning her successful life coaching practice. After a number of years coaching mid-life professionals through job and career changes, in 2014 she and her partner launched their business Discover My Career, to help high school students, twenty somethings and their parents connect the dots between what is unique about their personalities and strengths and which professions might be most rewarding.

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