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"Your Interview course made all the difference. After having searched for 14 months with many interviews and no offers, I now got an offer from Booz Allen Hamilton at more money than I asked for!"

"After a 3-year job search, within three months of working with John Hadley, I have an exciting new job. John helped me not only with the mechanics of my job search, but also to overcome the loss of confidence, which was sabotaging my search. And the simple technique he taught me to use in negotiating the final offer earned me an additional $10,000 in base salary!"

"I appreciate your honesty, integrity and expertise."


"Interview Boot Camp!"

A 4 Week Group Coaching Program
To Help You
Hit A Home Run In Every Interview

  • Are you tired of interviews that don't lead to offers?
  • Are you frustrated that you get screened out too soon?
  • Are you afraid that even if you get the offer, it's not going to be the compensation you deserve?
  • Or are you struggling so hard to get interviews, that you haven't had time to hone your interview skills?
    Here's your chance to make sure you are hitting on all cylinders in every interview situation!

    Understand What Interviews Are REALLY About

    Most people think of an interview as a Q&A session, and spend hours and hours practicing their answers to a series of likely questions. While this is a good start, if that's all you do you aren't going to get the offers you deserve!

    Job candidates often ask:
  • "What's the best way to answer question X?"
  • "What do I do if they ask about my experience in Y?"
  • "When should I bring up salary?"
  • "How do I get around problem Z in my background?"

    These aren't bad questions, but the absolutely most important question is rarely asked: "How do I build the rapport and excitement that makes sure the hiring manager wants me on his or her team?"

    Sales are based on emotion, and justified by logic!

    This a fundamental rule of marketing. Most of the questions above deal with the logic side of the equation, the specific set of skills, qualities and experience you bring to the table. But unless you put at least as much attention on the emotion side of the equation, you won't make the "sale"!

    I'd like to share with you the exact same strategies that my 1-on-1 coaching clients have used to navigate the interview minefield! Techniques that have secured them job offers they were thrilled with.

    "While working with John, I received five competitive job offers in a two week period (after only six interviews)."

    "I had a job with my 1st choice of companies, doing exactly what I wanted to do, with an offer at the very top of their salary range - my starting income is at least 10% more than I expected!”

    "Interview Boot Camp!"

    Click Here To Hear Me Describe The Program

    This is an intensive 4 week group coaching program. 1-on-1 coaching can cost $100's of dollars per session. In fact, this entire program, with the bonuses listed below, is worth over $1,000. You will get the entire 4 session program, plus hundreds of dollars in bonuses, for only $495! I defy you to find a better value!

    And to make sure that everyone gets the maximum possible value, I'm limiting attendance to the 1st 10 paid registrants. This guarantees you get the maximum possible individual attention.

    Think about this: If your salary goal is $52,000, shaving just one week off your job search is worth $1,000. Cutting off a month at a $100,000 salary is worth over $8,000. Learning to transform interviews into offers is key, and my Interview Boot Camp will only cost you $495! Can you afford to pass up an investment with that potential return?

    “With negotiation techniques you taught me I've managed to grow my compensation about fourfold.

    My case may be an extreme one but your coaching lessons are paying in the vicinity of 250x return per year. Over the entire career path I estimate you added millions to my top line. You can quote me on that.”

    Click here to sign up now for this powerful program
    To transform your interviews into offers!

    Can I Save Money If I Bring A Friend?


    If you refer a friend who also signs up for Interview Boot Camp, as soon as you’ve both completed the 2nd session I will not only give you a 10% rebate, I’ll give one to your friend as well!

    Refer a 2nd person, and you’ll get another 10% off. Refer enough people, and the entire program is free!

    (Just be sure to email me the names of the people you are referring, so that I can make sure to credit you for the referrals.)

    How Does Interview Boot Camp Work?

  • We meet for 1 hour by phone on 4 consecutive Tuesdays.
    March 3, 10, 17 & 24 at
    6PM Eastern/ 5PM Central/ 4PM Mountain/ 3PM Pacific.

  • All calls are recorded, so that you can catch up if you miss one.
    (Or listen again, and again, and ...)

  • Each week, I will send out a summary of key learnings and supplemental materials, and assign homework designed to help you absorb the session content.

  • You will be assigned an 'accountability partner' in the group. You will support each other, helping you stay on track, and part of your homework will include assignments to practice what you've learned with your partner.

  • Between sessions, you can schedule up to a half hour 1-on-1 coaching call with me (during normal business hours) for additional support.

    What Bonuses Come With The Calls?

    Bonus #1
    "How To Cut Your Job Search In Half"

    This is a 1 1/4 hour Digital Recording of a 'no holds barred' interview where I explained how to avoid critical mistakes commonly made by job seekers, and conduct an efficient career search that lands you the job you really want at the pay you deserve.
    ($40 Value)

    Bonus #2
    "Turn Interviews Into Offers"

    This is a 2 hour Digital Recording of a live program in which I coached a select group on successful strategies my clients have used to excel in interviews.
    ($80 Value)

    Bonus #3
    Digital recordings of all 4 group calls!

    Listen to the calls over and over to extract the maximum value!
    Burn them to CD's, copy them to your IPod, listen to them in the car or at the gym.
    ($160 Value)

    Bonus #4
    1-on-1 Coaching With John Hadley

    You can schedule 1 coaching session with me each week during the program, up to 30 minutes, for additional 1-on-1 support!
    ($500 Value - This alone pays for the entire program!)


    I want you to be completely satisfied that you are getting an outstanding value from this program. If after the first call, you aren't convinced that you are receiving far more value than the cost of the program, you can ask for a full refund! And you can even keep the 1st 2 bonuses for trying out the program!

    Can you afford to miss out on an incredible deal like this? Learn how to transform your interview skills, to make sure you land the job and pay you deserve.

    Click here to register Now for only $495!

    Questions? Contact us at

    John West Hadley, Principal
    John Hadley Associates, LLC
    8 Lori Drive, Somerville, NJ 08876

    Phone: (908) 725-2437


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