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"Find Your Dream Job
Via the Hidden Job Market!"

2 Session Coaching Program By Phone

What is the Hidden Job Market?
This is where you connect to jobs without going through the 'front door'. This is where you get to be the first in line for positions that exist, bypassing the competition, or get to be the ONLY candidate for the position. This is where opportunities are created just for you. This is where the best jobs are found.

People often ask me:
  • Why can others find their dream jobs, but not me?
  • What is the Hidden Job Market?
  • How do I even find it?

    Let me ask YOU - which way are you conducting your search?

    1. The Hard Way - The Highway to "Average" Results Most People Take
      Are you spending a lot of time surfing the Internet for openings, posting your résumé on Monster and other job sites, writing job 'blogs', and responding to posted postions?

      This is the 'high competition' approach, where every time you submit your résumé, it goes into a pile along with hundreds of others. Only a small percentage even get the opportunity to interview, much less get the job offer.

      This approach leads to the same jobs everyone else is getting, and it's a long, arduous process. In fact, an article on online job searching in the 1/15/06 New York Times said: "You get piles and piles of jobs that no matter what you type in, come up with every single search ...To that frustration, add ... estimates that only 3 percent to 5 percent of job seekers find employment through the sites - and it is reasonable to ask, Why bother?"

    2. The Superhighway to Great Opportunities
      Or are you directly accessing the hidden job market, the place where you get linked in ahead of the competition, and where you find a better job at higher pay?
    What if you had a roadmap to get you to the hidden job market, to get noticed by hiring managers BEFORE you become just one of hundreds of anonymous résumés on a hiring manager's desk, so that YOU are offered the job before anyone else? That's what this mini-coaching program is all about!

    Here's the Problem:
    To access the 'hidden' job market and get noticed, you have to have the right tools. I've observed that many job seekers are missing the fundamentals. They don't know how to get people interested in helping them. Many think that by blasting a message about their search to everyone with whom they come in contact, they are going to get connected to great opportunities. All too often, what they are doing instead is:

  • Turning off valuable potential contacts,
  • Slowing down their job search, and
  • Making it more likely they will miss out on being considered for a terrific job!

    Others know some of the fundamentals, but implement them poorly. Most common is a lackluster "marketing message" that fails to capture the attention of their target audience.

    On the other hand, by tapping effectively into the hidden job market, you can get your dream job!

    Does it really work that way?

    Vicki recently wrote to me about an un-posted position that became hers from a casual conversation with a new acquaintance:
    "I have to give you the credit for encouraging me to talk to anyone, anywhere at any time. Thank you so much and I hope you are able to help others as much as you helped me."

    My personal experience is that I have more than once received opportunities that had not yet been opened up to anyone else, or didn't even officially exist until they were offered to me!

    You might say, "But you are a natural networker, that won't work for me!" Consider the case of "Joe", who had been laid off by his company, and was worried about whether there were any similar jobs out there. We worked on what he would do and say, and made sure that he was putting forward a powerful marketing message that communicated what he brought to the table. After a few weeks, he was a true believer, because he saw that for every 10 calls he made, he averaged at least 10 new referrals! And soon after that, Joe was being considered for 5 different opportunities of exactly the type and level he wanted!

    Let me share with you the exact same strategy that worked so well for Joe.

    "Find Your Dream Job Via the Hidden Job Market!"
    is a 2 session group coaching program. Most group coaching programs cost $100 or more per session, but I'm offering this 2 session program for only $50!, and with 3 valuable bonuses described below. I defy you to find a better value! All you need is a phone.

    Sign up now for this 2 session program
    Thursday & Friday, September 7 & 8
    Noon - 1PM Eastern / 9 - 10AM Pacific

    Do these techniques produce results? Here's what Lois had to say:
    "I am still so very happy with my job. I think the company's great, my boss is super, my colleagues are bright and energetic, and my projects and responsibilities are fun and challenging. I'm so glad that I held out for the right job and that you helped me get what I was really looking for."

    Sign up now and get these valuable bonuses:

    Bonus #1: Free Report
    "7 Steps to Effective Career Search Networking"

    Bonus #2
    Personalized 30-minute One-on-One
    “Keep The Momentum Going” Coaching Session
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    This one-on-one attention is a proven way to help you take what you've learned to the next level!

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    Don't miss out on this chance to start the Fall with a new set of skills to propel you into the Hidden Job Market and exciting new career opportunities!

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