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"I thought your tele-class call was most informative and helpful. I was also impressed with many of the questions from the attendees. We all know what a tough economy we're dealing with right now. Your insights and expertise are invaluable. Thank you very much for doing this tele-class series, John. I can't wait for next week!

"Ask The Experts: Secrets to Landing"

How do you "land" a position in today's hectic times?

Covid-19 has led many companies to reduce their operations and staff. As a result, many people are racing to find work elsewhere in today's seriously impacted economy.

  • With unemployment around 14% and over 39 million people looking for new jobs, how will you land a position you really want?
  • Who will find a position and who will not?
  • Why will one person land and not the other?
  • What are the secrets that enable some to land great jobs, vs. others who settle, or don't land at all?
  • What do I not know and how can I find out the secrets?

    What "secrets" do you need to know to have a successful job search?

  • What will help you stand out among the greatly increased competition?
  • Where should you even look for employment?
  • What's the secret to succeeding at 'virtual' networking and interviewing?
  • What is the secret to impressing employers when you can't even meet them in person?

    Join us on Wednesday July 8th at
    7-8PM Eastern / 6-7PM Central / 5-6PM Mountain / 4-5PM Pacific

    for a 1 hour webinar in which two of the most popular and effective job search experts in the highly competitive NY metropolitan area answer your most difficult questions, and learn those "secrets"!

    (If you can't make it live, they will make a recording available to registrants for a limited time afterwards.)

    John Hadley (www.JHACareers.com) is a recognized expert in career search, who has specialized for over 15 years in helping job seekers who are frustrated with their search. A popular and sought-after speaker and author on every aspect of the job hunt, he has coached 100's to land the job and pay they deserve, and helped thousands through his seminars, tele-classes, webinars, videos and insightful Career Tips newsletter.

    Marty Latman (www.LatmanAdvisoryServices.com) is known by many as "Mr. Networker." Marty trains, teaches, advises and supports people in all disciplines and industries in their self-marketing and process-driven search campaigns. Previously, he has held executive-level financial roles in multiple industries, and for many years has led the FENG (Financial Executives) and NJSENG (New Jersey Strategic Executives) networking groups, helping myriads of fellow professionals land great jobs. He speaks at career networking groups throughout the New Jersey / New York / Connecticut metropolitan area, always attracting large crowds.

    John and Marty have partnered up for this "Ask The Experts" webinar, and in recognition of these challenging times, are offering it for the rock bottom price of only $20.

    You will also get these bonuses:

    Bonus #1: An audio recording of their webinar, "Ask The Experts: Your COVID Job Search Answers".

    Bonus #2: An audio recording of their webinar, "Ask The Experts: How to Get a Great Job".

    That's three webinars for the price of one!

    Bonus #3:
    Our report, "Interviewing In The COVID-19 Era" with keys to interview success.

    Bonus #4: A drawing for two complimentary 30 minute "Kick Start Your Career Search" sessions. This session will help you clarify your specific career search goals and identify the challenges you face in achieving them. Uncovering your hidden challenges is critical to implementing a truly effective career search.

    Sign up now!

    Both experts get rave reviews whenever they speak - imagine what it will be like to get both on the same webinar! Here's what one attendee told them after "Ask The Experts: How to Get a Great Job":

    "I cannot thank you and John enough for the "Ask the Experts" session earlier this week. The answer to my questions on networking, specific to my situation, was tailored in such a way that I got clarity on the distinct actions that I needed to take. The session seemed as if it was a personal training discussion with 2 coaches. Great value!!!"

    So act now and sign up while there are still slots available!

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