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"Thanks John. You were one of the best speakers that I've encountered at employment networking/support groups."

"Thanks for your great workshop on Friday."
Michael (Conference organizer)


"10 Traps That Snare Job Seekers - And How To Avoid Them!"

Tuesday, July 13th
Noon Eastern / 11AM Central / 10AM Mountain / 9AM Pacific
A Class-by-Conference-Call
Are you frustrated by your job search,
and not even sure what's going wrong?

I've coached hundreds of successful job seekers, and along the way have seen all sorts of traps that candidates fall afoul of. Many times, the candidates don't ever even realize they've made a critical mistake!

If you don't even know you've done something wrong, how can you ever hope to fix the problem?

In this tele-class, I will share with you 10 traps you will want to avoid, and exactly how to do that.

For example, you will discover:

  • Everyday errors in networking that actually set your search back 10 steps (or more)
  • The biggest problems with elevator pitches
  • Common mistakes in presentation that can undermine your search
  • Typical barriers to landing interviews
  • Key issues that prevent you from turning interviews into offers

    I will share with you the strategies and techniques I teach my 1-on-1 coaching clients to make sure they don't get snared by these traps.

    Here's what others who attended this class had to say:

    "Thank you for the extremely valuable tele-class and additional resources!"

    "I thought it was very interesting. A lot of people just go through the motions and think they are going about things correctly but never really spend the time to really analyze what they are actually doing."

    "That was a great call."

    "Thanks for the tele-class. Informative. Insightful."

    The cost for this 1 hour tele-class is only $25, and I'll even use a toll-free line, so the call's on me!

    For that modest investment you will also receive these 2 bonuses:
    1. A link to a downloadable recording of the class, to listen to again and again, letting you extract the maximum possible value from it, EVEN IF YOU WEREN'T ABLE TO MAKE IT FOR THE LIVE CALL.
    2. My 15 page digital report, "10 Secrets to Landing Your Dream Job."

    Register now for
    "10 Traps That Snare Job Seekers And How To Avoid Them"

    Tuesday, July 13th at
    Noon Eastern / 11AM Central / 10AM Mountain / 9AM Pacific

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